All Moved In...

We've been in our home for a month now, so... we're here! But, unsettled still. A rhythm has developed & school has resumed, but my focus has remained a bit scattered, as I continue to unload a box every day. (Where did we put all of this STUFF?)

It is my plan to get back to blogging soonish, but I'm not going to put a time-frame on it. [Especially since I am getting ready for a blog facelift, & continuing to edit the previous year(s) posts.] For now, here's a glimpse of our first month home.

We have not spent a single night on a couch. I have, but not at home. That came out wrong. Let me clarify - The boys & I went to my my parent's house for a midweek getaway with my husband's blessing, so it's all kosher.