A Pre-Christmas Gift.

So our sweet littlest is a man of few (spoken) words, & those he does speak are, well, not super easy to understand if you're not his parents.

My mother-in-law suggested sign language. Within the first week our boy knows almost 2 dozen signs (being able to sign about half)!! It's been amazing watching him learn to communicate!

(This is the sign for outside.)

Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, he's cool. And now that he's signing... he's talking more. Like, yesterday? Oh, yeah, Luke said 'mama.' What?!?! SO proud. He didn't associate the word with me, but he did make the m-sound followed by 'mamamamamamamama'. I was in heaven.

Times have been really hard lately, but hearing my baby speak (& being able to communicate with him through sign language, more importantly) has been an absolute gift. One I surely don't take for granted.

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